In Geneva we will meet another Skoda electric car, and here begins its uncovering

Sketch of the Skoda Vision IV

2020 is the year chosen by many manufacturers and brands of vehicles to take a real step to the electrified models. That means that in 2019 we will see many advanced prototypes that will insinuate what we will see next year, and we are not referring only to design, but to technology, technique, features, etc. In this next Geneva Motor Show we will see a new Skoda electric model.

The Czech brand belonging to the Volkswagen Group seems to be the first generalist of the German giant to launch a practical electric vehicle and polyvalent, or that which seems to want to give us to understand. Skoda does not cut at all in stating that it will submit more than ten electric cars by the end of 2022 , investing 2,000 million euros in alternative propulsion and mobility services. p>

The next step, as they claim, will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show with Skoda Vision IV . We have not yet seen official images of the final vehicle, but these sketches already let us see many important details about what their main features will look like. In addition, we know that this car will be the one that opens the design language towards the future Skoda electrified range

 Sketch of the back of the Skoda Vision IV

The designers have opted for a compact SUV body style coupe . The front is very aggressive , because each and every one of its shapes and lines are very marked. The headlights are very thin, while the rear view mirrors have been removed in these sketches in favor of rear view cameras . They draw attention to the huge tires, which the company confirms that they will actually be 22 inches but with a large study in aerodynamics.

As in the front, the lines of tension that we see in the side are very, very marked; and in the rear this does not change. The pronounced diffuser is striking, but even more so the shape of the pilots of lights and the backlight of the word Skoda which is located in a generous size and in the middle of the gate. In any case, all the details of the final prototype will be known in less than a month.

On the other hand, we wanted to remember that in 2019, after 124 years of brand history, we will see the first electrified vehicles of Skoda on the street. And soon we can buy the Skoda Superb PHEV , a plug-in hybrid, and also a Skoda Citigo all-electric .

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